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Red Duke of York potatoes are a heritage potato variety dating back to 1942 and produces red skinned tubers with shallow eyes and yellow flesh. Red Dukes are a dry, mealy potato packed with flavour and do not disintegrate on boiling.

First Earlies

First Earlies can be harvested approximately 10 weeks from planting.

Rocket seed potatoes, when first released in 1987, were the quickest bulking of all early potatoes. Rocket tubers are white fleshed and skinned with shallow eyes with a mild taste.

Swift Swift seed potatoes are the earliest of earlies A high yielding variety that produces a round-to-oval shaped white tuber with creamy flesh and shallow eyes. A real all-rounder in the kitchen,

Charlotte potatoes are the most popular salad potato variety in the UK.  Charlotte tubers are long with yellow skins and firm, yellow waxy flesh - making them superb for salads and boiling.

Cooking qualities are excellent, and Charlotte potatoes are always full of flavour.

Desire potatoes produce oval red skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. Medium dry matter, firm cooked texture, good boiling,  chiping, & mashing quality. Delia Smiths choice for roast potatoes

Kestral one of the best overall varieties,  this potato has taken the exhibition scene by storm because of its consistent size and colour. Without doubt one of the best tasting potato varieties available. with excellent cooking uses and disease resistance

Cara tubers are round with white skin and pink eyes. They are a very robust variety and have excellent drought resistance as well as good all round disease resistance.

Second Earlies

Second Earlies can be harvested approximately 13 weeks from planting.


Maincrop can be harvested approximately 20  weeks from planting.

King Edward probably the most famous potato variety on the market, they have both excellent cooking and taste qualities. Once cooked, King Edward potatoes rarely discolour and offer a broad range of uses - a great, solid all-round potato for home growers to enjoy.